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Individual training at Katzenmoyer Performance will not only give you the results you’re looking for but also the attention to finer details that other facilities do not give. Whether it is for weight loss, athletic performance, body sculpting or just general health Katzenmoyer Performance will assist you in your fitness needs.

Programs are created for the individual so they can achieve whatever fitness goal they have set out for. Each program created takes into account what that individuals goals, abilities and fitness level.

As the individual develops and changes, the program will change to adapt to how the individual has responded to training. Katzenmoyer Performance does not have set programs for training. We believe that everyone that walks through our door is unique and will need to be treated as such. That is why each and every person that trains at Katzenmoyer Performance has their own personalized program.

Contact Katzenmoyer Performance today to see how we can help you.