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Functional Fitness Classes at Katzenmoyer Performance are designed to give you a total body workout in a small group setting. Workouts vary daily and incorporate functional movements, interval training, and core building exercises that are shown to build lean muscle mass and burn body fat.  Coaches are there to ensure proper and safe movement and can modify any workout based on skill level or physical limitations.

Katzenmoyer Performance offers 2 different options for our Functional Fitness Classes:

    • Foundations is a total body strength training class. We use proven methods to increase your strength and overall fitness. Our classic strength training program incorporates the best that the world of strength and conditioning has to offer.
    • Metcon is an interval based, total body workout.  We put together one of the most effective and proven programs to promote long-term weight loss, strength and overall health. This program is comprised of simple movements that deliver the most efficient ways to improve body composition and keep you healthy and balanced.
To try a free class, please contact us HERE.