Elements is the first step to understanding the basic movements to CrossFit. CrossFit incorporates Olympic (Snatch/Clean), Strength (Squat/Bench), Gymnastic (Pull Up/Handstand Push Up) and Endurance (Running/Rowing) based movements along with variations of each of the core movements listed. During the three day introduction, you will learn the proper body mechanics and foundation for movements while in a small, controlled setting. This gives you the chance to learn and understand how to move and for the coaches at KPCF to properly guide you prior to joining in our later group based classes. Classes are scheduled based on the athletes availablity and finish on Saturday mornings at 9am.

There is a $25 fee for scheduling individual times.

You must call and register prior to attending our elements classes.

Day 1

Teach- Dead Lift, Air Squat, Front Squat, Push Up, Pull Up, KB Swing

Day 2
Teach- Clean and Snatch

Day 3
Teach- Strict Press, Push Press, Jerk


Community Workout- A fun workout in a large group setting.


Once you have completed all four (4) elements classes and are approved by the coaches, you may enter into the all level classes.

Need more information? Call KP at 614-895-1139 or email us at