The key to engagement is to have a program that is personalized to meet unique needs. The KP Corporate Wellness platform provides a dynamic experience for every individual. To create this experience for users, we collect their well-being objectives and health risks. This enables our coaches to provide specific resources to meet the needs for each person within the program.

We keep the program fun, engaging, and easy to participate, so people can more easily adapt healthy habits and stay motivated. Keeping the incentive structure simple and easy, and relative to your company’s culture, makes the whole program come together. KPCW’s coaches provide guidance and support throughout your program to be sure your program stays fresh year-over-year and builds your culture of health foundation.

Just like each person is different, so is each workplace culture – and both need ongoing care and support. Being able to appeal to different learning styles and having multiple access points for individuals to learn about healthy habits for them is vital. Whether it’s self-paced digital content or onsite events, there should be something for everyone.

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