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Functional Fitness Classes


Our Functional Fitness Class is a fitness program to help you perform things we do on a daily basis.

Each day, we program a new workout that will challenge you and push your boundaries of fitness. These workouts can include strength training, body weight movements, plyometrics and cardio.

We guide you through each class to make sure you are moving correctly and getting the most out of your workout. We start every class with a functional warm up, then go over the daily workout, demonstrating each movement and making modifications based on the ability of each client. After that, the programmed workout starts. 

Expect each hour long class to challenge you based specifically on your abilities and fitness level.

Katzenmoyer Performance offers two different types of Functional Fitness classes.


Foundations is a total body strength training class in a German Body Comp style of structure.


Metcon is short for Metabolic Conditioning. This class is programmed for you to move at a relative high intensity, while performing functional movements.