Athlete Training

High School and College Student Training is specifically intended for the student-athlete. Katzenmoyer Performance believes in offering all high school and college students specialized programs in order for the athlete to enhance their individual strength training needs, reducing the potential for injury, and achieving optimum performance in sport specific training.

Students who train at Katzenmoyer Performance will be exposed to the most individualized, comprehensive strength training programs, based on the goals of the individual student-athlete and his/ her sport.

Our staff will assist each student-athlete in optimizing their athletic performance before, during, and after their athletic season.
Katzenmoyer Performance’s student program is designed not only to develop an athlete’s physical potential, but to provide a fitness education that can empower an athlete for a lifetime.

The student training package applies to all high school and college students. You do not have to be an active participant in a sport affiliated with your school to be considered eligible for this personal training.